Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creating Memories

This weekend we head up to Minnesota to see Mr. E and Miss N, our grandkids who live up there.  On Saturday we'll be headed to Shakopee for The Minnesota Renaissance Festival (  I can hardly wait.

Last fall was the first time we had attended with our grandkids (ages 4 & 2 then) and we wondered if they might be too young.  Silly Grammy!  It was one big land of enchantment for them, a feast for the eyes as they gazed in wonder at queens, kings, knights, fairies, horses, glass-blowers and much, much more than I have mentioned here.

Having been to the festival several years ago, I remembered seeing a lovely fairy named Twig there and wondered if she would be there last year.  So I used my trusted friend "Google" and sure enough, Twig was slated to be at the fair.  In fact, we even found Twig on Facebook.

I showed my grandson, Mr E who immediately fell in love.  We had to email Twig to tell her we were coming and would be looking for her the next day.  I was quite pleased to get a reply from her that very evening.

As soon as we arrived the next morning, the hunt for Twig began.  All through the day, about every half-hour or so,  Mr. E would ask me where Twig was, did I think we'd find her and so on.  We found the Blue Fairy, who gave the kids lovely colored stones (which they still have), a fairy who sprinkled them with pixie dust and even a faun, but no Twig.

Finally as the shadows were getting longer and we were beginning to despair of ever finding Twig, we looked up and there she was!  E shyly went up to her and told her of his quest to find her.  She communicated beautifully with him and his sister with her lute and her lovely face.  E was delighted and so were we all.  Of course, I took a picture of Twig and E to preserve that precious memory.  Little boys are only four once and that look of amazement fades all too quickly for this Grammy. 

Making memories of something special you do together isn't terribly hard but the event becomes even more special when you give yourself and your grandchildren something to look forward to.  I recently read that people are actually happier when planning their vacation, than they are when they are ON the vacation. So let's get those grands excited about Grandpa coming!

So next time you have a chance to visit your grandkids,  talk about the visit before hand, tell them what you plan to do with them, what books you'll read and if you're looking forward to building Legos or playing Barbies with them.  It's one easy thing to do to easy those moments when you first get there and they may be a little shy.

And don't forget to bring the camera.  But I'll save that post for another day!

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