Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tech-Know Grammy Deal of the Week

Though she sometimes feels like it, Tech-Know Grammy did not live through the 1929 "Great Depression."  However, with today's economy, I'm sometimes afeared I'm gonna wind up selling apples on the street corner.  Although we're not yet putting newspapers in our shoes or standing in the bread lines,  I'm always lookin' for ways to get more for less and save some cash. Don't know about y'all but my very favorite price is "FREE."   One thing I plan to do is share all my penny-pinchin' secrets with all y'all so we can save those pennies for a trip to see the grands!

This week my daughter shared a great deal with me from a web site called "A Story Before Bed."

For a limited time (according to the web site) you can choose a book and record yourself reading it to you grandson or daughter or just about anybody, I reckon.  You must have a web cam hooked up to your computer.  If you have one of them there fancy laptops, you most likely have one built right in to it.  If you have a regular desk top, you can purchase a small web cam for a small price that will work just fine. 

When you've got the web cam ready to go, you click on the web address in purple above and register for an account.  (That takes longer than making the book.)  They will pretty much tell you what to do from there. (I realized after we made our book I shouldda been taking a movie of us doin' it, but maybe we'll try to do a second one for you sometime soon.  I'll try to get a video of this up on YouTube soon.)

After you record the book, you can put on on your Facebook profile page or on your young 'un's porfiles iffin they have one.  You can also send it to their iPad, iPhone iffin they got one of them fancy things.  Otherwise, just a plain, ole link on email will take 'em right to the page where the kiddos can see your smilin' face and hear Grandma read a nice bedtime story.

If you don't have time to make a book right now, you can even sign up on the web site to be reminded to come back and make one later.  That's what I did.

Just so's ya know, the free stories are mostly for the pre-school set, no "Hunger Games" here...yet.

Iffin any of y'all  are itchin' to see me and Papa's rendition of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" ya can wander over to my Facebook page and take a gander-- Link below:!/pages/Tech-Know-Grammy/211405318918235.

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